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Course Overview

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) usually focus on the potential causes and consequences of episodic events, such as fires, explosions, and unplanned releases of hazardous materials. As a result, PHA techniques are used to identify weaknesses in the design and operation of facilities that could lead to such events. This 3-day PHA course is therefore designed to provide expert guidance on how to successfully plan and implement Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) studies efficiently and effectively. The process will involve developing strategy for selection of a viable methodology from among the leading PHA types such as HAZOP, What-if?, Checklist, FMEA, PrePHA, Relative Ranking and learning how to engage PHA Team members constructively to harness the strength of the different personalities that inevitably will exist.

Day One

  • PHA regulatory requirements and standards
  • Overview Hazard Management
  • Process Safety Incidents – Why are we here?
  • Elements of Facility Risk
  • Inherent Safety Reviews
  • Composition of PHA team and first team meeting
  • Basic concepts of the HAZOP Study methodology
  • HAZOP Scenario Development

Day Two

  • Application of HAZOP Study to a continuous batch process
  • Determining the adequacy of safeguards
  • Documenting findings and recommendations
  • Other PHA Methods:
    • Preliminary Hazards Analysis
    • Checklist Analysis
    • What-if? Analysis
    • Checklist / What-if? Analysis
    • FMEA
  • Application of What-If Analysis to continuous process

Day Three

  • Application of FMEA to continuous process
  • Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis
  • Hazard evaluation for Non-Routine Modes of Operations (Start up, Shutdown)
  • PHA Updates and Revalidations
  • PHA Reporting & Recommendation Follow up
  • Comprehension check and review
  • Know how to select and apply various PHA methods applicable to your facility
  • Provide knowledge and skills to be able to prepare and facilitate PHA’s
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead and manage process safety in your organization.
  • Understand and be able to discuss OSHA and EPA regulatory requirements for PHAs.
  • Acquire the expertise to analyze scenario risks and adequacy of safeguards.

Persons responsible for overseeing process safety and PHA studies in their organisation. This include but not limited to the following group of persons:

  • Engineers, Supervisors and Managers
  • Persons aspiring to be PHA Team Leaders & Scribes
  • Process Safety Experts
  • Loss Prevention Specialists
  • Health & Safety Professionals

The prerequisite for this course is a Bachelor’s degree in any of the engineering disciplines and it is also strongly recommended that prospective registrant complete the Process Safety & Loss Prevention course before attending this training.


The mode of delivery of all our courses is Online through Video Conferencing except the Quantitative Risk Analysis course where the mode of delivery is face-to-face. You will be taught through a live and interactive session where you will be able to communicate directly with the instructor and therefore have the same benefits as a traditional classroom session. All you need is a computer and internet connection. However, face – to – face and in-house training can be arranged.


Given the challenges facing traditional classroom learning that requires individuals to take time off from work to attend training courses while expending more resources, we thought participants can make better use of their time and improve work life balance by registering for online training.

Consequently, overall training cost is reduced by more than 50% due to the enumerated benefits below:

  • Eliminate the uncertainties and difficulties of securing a visa
  • Eliminate the risk off unnecessary travel
  • Eliminate the huge cost associated with logistics of international travel
  • Eliminate the local cost and hazard of commuting
  • You study from the convenience of your home or office
  • It is more flexible as assignment and tests are submitted electronically
  • Persons with physical and health challenges can participate easily

Fee: $2500 USD per registrant. 10% group discount for a minimum of five persons

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Paypal
  • Direct Bank Transfer

Mode of Delivery: Online through Video Conferencing. Face-to-Face and in-house could be arranged

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