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We focus on process design from conceptual and preliminary process design to third party process evaluations to optimize client’s operations. You can rely on us for all your engineering design requirements.

The diverse talent pool available at Haneon Fort Engineering Company Ltd, along with the leverage from our international partners, enables us to deliver Process Engineering Services timely, efficiently, effectively and economically.

As with every design, we respond to client’s desires with due consideration to their functional requirements where we conduct process simulations and develop process schemes to transform feed stock into expected products.

Using unmatched and proven technology, we generate heat and material balance ratio to identify and specify the ideal heat duty of process equipment for the optimization of process operations that promote efficient use of natural energy resources. We utilize advanced engineering tools to produce high quality designs, aimed at improving process control and therefore, maximize productivity.

We conduct our design engineering activities with the aid of an integrated process flow checklist, which ensures key focus areas and critical standards are not overlooked. We also employ a methodical approach in the application of material specification and equipment selection to prevent either under design or over design of process facilities with the eventual goal of minimizing operational and maintenance costs.

To enhance design integrity and encourage operational excellence, we evaluate inherent safe design strategies and conduct design reviews to satisfy the health, safety and environmental objectives of our esteem clients through the identification of hazardous substances and specification of safe distances for efficient layout of equipment.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Feasibility and screening studies,
  • Conceptual and preliminary process designs,
  • Detail engineering phase process integrity oversight,
  • Process technical & economic evaluations,
  • Preliminary process design,
  • Detailed process designs / basic engineering design,
  • Pilot plant design, evaluation, and scale up,
  • Plant expansions evaluation,
  • Greenfield plant designs,
  • Process modelling and simulation,
  • Mass & energy balance, PFDs, and P&IDs,
  • Process equipment specifications,
  • Process control scheme design and optimization,
  • Hydraulics analysis,
  • Preliminary cost estimation,
  • Technical bid preparation and review,
  • Detail engineering phase support,
  • Independent 3rd party process evaluations,
  • Optimization & debottlenecking studies,
  • Energy conservation studies,
  • Distillation systems design,
  • Packed tower design,
  • Heat transfer / heat exchanger design,
  • Existing equipment utilization studies,
  • Emission controls process design,
  • Environmental compliance technical support,
  • Product quality improvement support,
  • Relief/flare systems/vent design studies,
  • Simulation design tools Development,
  • Operations support,
  • Third party process evaluations.

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